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A harmonious fit

Eurojust will be on the “green” side, and must therefore fit harmoniously into its location. The premises will be constructed facing the original buildings on the side of Johan de Wittlaan. The high-rise portion of the building, with twelve floors, will be on this side. The low-rise portion will protrude into the wooded area, in scale with the buildings directly surrounding it.

The building itself has a light facade of alternating open and closed composite elements, creating a playful, variegated surface. Some glass panels lean forward, others backward, or they are rotated to the left or right. Inside, a double-height lobby with floor-high windows dominates the space. The lower portions of the building offer more privacy. A broad staircase with a garden view descends to the underground floors. The gardens surrounding the new building are designed as a sloping dune landscape harmonising, in both form and ground covering, with the direct, green environment of Zorgvliet.


  • In the coming months Eurojust will focus on the fitting out and move. Eurojust keeps you posted by means of this news announcement .

    14 april 2017 | Eurojust | more
  • The construction of the new premises Eurojust in the International Zone in The Hague has finished.

    24 maart 2017 | Central Government Real Estate Agency | more
  • The update February 2017 is available with an overview of work and planning of Heijmans during the final fase of the realisation.

    06 februari 2017 | Heijmans | more
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